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Az alábbiakban olvashatók mindazok az események melyek velem szakmai pályám alatt megestek, vagy amelyek befolyással voltak rá. Kedves Olvasó! Kérlek jóindulattal olvasd soraimat és ha érdekesnek, tanulságosnak, esetleg szórakoztatónak találod meséld tovább ismerőseidnek. Pap Norbert

2011. június 25., szombat

my speech in the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs 11/06/22

Mr. Chairman!  Excellencies! Ladies and Gentlemen!
It is an honor for me to be here today in the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs. Our research group from the University of Pécs that contributed to the writing of this volume have been working together for 12 years. We have taken part in many magnificent projects in the past couple of years. We have focused both on general political issues and the regional questions of the states of the Western Balkans. We have published hundreds of essays in journals and approximately dozen books about the Balkan Peninsula and Souteast Europe. Many of our former students serve the Hungarian State in the field of diplomacy, education, research and national security. Perhaps, and I hope, our work has not been futile.
It’was a great plesure and honour to hear the very positive, supporting words of the Deputy State Secretary and to read Mr. Martonyi’s praise in the Preface of the book.
I think the real value of such book as ours can only be appreciated if it has considerable influence on political decision making. This book serves its purpose if it helps the European integration process of the nations of the Western Balkans.
Last but not least I would like to thank my colleagues from the University of Pécs, diplomats of the Hungarian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, officers of the Hungarian Army, the translators of the OFFI, the editors and for everybody who helped our work.

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